Power transmission seals,V-ring seals, globally valid

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V-Rings are a low cost sealing option. V-Rings are made are manufactured completely out of rubber and designed to seal on a shaft against a bearing, housing or often behind another shaft seal. Nitrile V-Rings are most common, however they are also available in fluoroelastomer for higher heat applications V-Rings protect equipment components from contamination while retaining grease. Improper, inadequate or contaminated lubrication is the most common failure mode for all types of bearings and V-Rings offer an economical way to protect the more expensive components on industrial equipment. V-Rings typically do well in dry, low torque applications.

A V-Ring is comprised of a lip, a hinge and a body. The body rotates with the shaft while the lip forms a seal. V-Rings have more misalignment capabilities and are easier to install than standard grease seals, however they are not designed for oil or high speed applications.