Double row spherical roller bearings

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Double-row spherical roller bearing is a combination of radial and axial bearing. It is designed to operate even if shaft and housing are, or become, misaligned under load. The internal design of bearing enables them to withstand very high radial loads and axial loads in both directions. This type of heavy duty bearing is the favored choice when conditions include heavy loads, difficulties in establishing or maintaining housing alignment, or when shaft deflection is expected. Bearing can take high degrees of misalignment depending on the size and series of the bearing. Shaft deflection and housing distortion caused by shock or heavy loads, which lead to misalignment, are compensated for by the internal self-alignment of the bearing elements during operation. Corner loading of rollers, a condition that limits service life on other types of bearings, cannot develop in spherical roller bearings. The inherent compensation for misalignment provided by the spherical roller bearing offers the designer the opportunity to use weldments for housing frames instead of complex castings, eliminating high cost machining operations. Even when castings may be preferred, bore alignment is less critical if spherical roller bearings are specified. Unit design and construction also make the spherical roller bearing convenient to handle during installation or maintenance. Most types have circular groove and lubricating holes in the outer ring. This feature facilitates more effective lubrication. NIBL manufactures spherical roller bearings with cylindrical and tapered bore. Tapered bore bearings may be used either in Plummer blocks or conventional housings.